Yahoo Group

A lot of the Toronto Centre communication to its members and between members is happening on our Yahoo Group. It’s a great place to discuss astronomical events as they are happening or ask astronomy related questions. The Yahoo Group gives us:

  • Messaging: Members post within the Yahoo Group online or to an email address. Their message is then accessible to all members. Within the Yahoo Group you can indicate if you would like to just read the messages online or also want them sent to your email. On average we have about 200+ messages a month and our archive contains around 40,000 messages.
  • Photos: members share their photos of the universe and astronomy events.
  • Files: here we keep some Power Point presentations and the catalog of the Fred Troyer library.

New RASC members with a Toronto Centre affiliation receive an invite to join the Yahoo Group in a welcome email from us. We send our welcome emails once or twice a month. If a few weeks have passed by and you have not received a welcome email and invitation, please let us know.

If you have questions on the joining process or the usage of Yahoo, please see the indispensable guide to our Yahoo Group at the bottom of this article. Guidelines on using Yahoo Groups can be found on the Yahoo website.