CAO Bookings



The E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory provides Toronto Centre Members with a fully equipped observing facility that offers clear dark skies, excellent accommodations, a 16" Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope for visual astronomy, a guided 8" RC Telescope for astrophotography, red-lit warm rooms, as well as a sheltered facilities where members can operate their own equipment if they so choose. 

CAO is a communal living facility where people live together and share the responsibilities of the upkeep of the house and the property. All persons visiting or staying at the CAO MUST abide by communal living rules as set out below. 

1. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

2. Remove footwear upon entering the house.

3. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings.

4. Pets are not permitted in the house.

5. When making an in-house booking, do not expect to have a bedroom to yourself.  There is also no guarantee of a bed - just space in the house if your booking is confirmed. During peak times, there may be designated “female” and “male” only rooms that you will be sharing with other people and/or mattresses & portable beds set up in the coed Great Room. 

6. Clean up after yourself in all common areas after each use (kitchen, living room, library/white light lounge & bathrooms).

All dishes must be washed and put away and table/counters/stovetop wiped clean after each use. Clean up any crumbs/spills on the floor immediately.

Do not leave dirty dishes around the house or outside.  Personal items are to be kept in your sleeping area.

Ensure the bathroom sink and surrounding counter top is tidy & shower stall is squeegeed after each use.  Stagger your shower time throughout the day.

7. The CAO provides spices, cooking oil/vinegars, coffee, tea, hot chocolate as well as condiments on the fridge door for everyone to use.  Any food you leave on the kitchen table is for sharing. 

8. Dispose all garbage in the appropriate receptacles (organic, recycling or landfill). Dispose food waste only in the kitchen receptacles.  If a garbage receptacle is full, kindly replace it with a new bag.

9. Be respectful of noise levels at night when others have gone to bed, and in the morning when others are still sleeping.  Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.

10. Prior to your departure, all overnight users must clean their own sleeping areas (vacuuming carpet/sweeping the floor, emptying waste bin, straightening bed spreads, wiping down night tables/furniture).

11. Prior to your departure, you must assist in the cleaning of the common areas and take some garbage home with you (organic, recycling or landfill).

12. Take all of your leftover food in the fridge/freezer/table home with you (this includes food you brought up to share).

To make a reservation, please complete this form (you will need your National RASC website login information). Look for an automated email response regarding your pending reservation. Later, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation from the CAO bookings coordinator. If a member has never previously stayed overnight at the CAO, then her/his first overnight visit to CAO must be during a period when the facility is staffed by either a CAO supervisor or another qualified member who is able and willing to take responsibility for the safety and security of the facility and its occupants. In order for a member to get a key and independent access to the CAO for a subsequent visit when it is not staffed by a CAO supervisor, the member must first have received personal instruction from a CAO supervisor on the proper procedures for opening/closing the house, operation of the furnace, water system and other safety items.

Please note that during the winter months, the CAO is not accessible by car or 4x4 vehicle. Members must approach from the east (winter driving directions, map & parking pass will be emailed to you when your booking is confirmed), park at the side of the road and walk approximately 700 metres down a steep snowmobile trail with all your gear.

Remember that you must bring your own supply of food, drinks, personal toiletries, bedding and towels.

When there is no supervisor on site please bring your own kitchen linens.