CAO Packing List

Here is a check list of things to bring with you to the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory.

  • Bedding: Bring your own sheets, blankets, pillow and pillow case OR a sleeping bag with a cover sheet to put down on the bed first. Remember, you're not allowed to sleep directly in a bed, on a bed spread or on top of a mattress,.
  • Bathroom Items: Bring your own bath towels, face cloth and personal toiletries.
  • Note! When there is no supervisor on site please bring your own kitchen linens.
  • Food: You must bring your own food and beverage to the CAO. Spices, condiments, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are available on-site for everyone.
  • Clothing: In the winter, bring warm clothing, layers, and warm boots rated for temperatures well below ambient. In the summer, bring "long" clothing for cool evenings and light-coloured to deter bugs. Bring your hiking shoes if you'd like to explore the Bruce Trail.
  • Skin Care: Bug repellant for the warmer months. Do not apply bug spray near optics. Sunscreen and a hat are recommended.
  • Observing Equipment: We have telescopes on site for use. See the CAO supervisor for assistance.  If you are going to bring your own equipment, do a thorough check to ensure you don't leave a critical piece at home.
  • Seating: Bring your own adjustable observing chair, lawn chair, or anti-gravity chair.
  • Camera Equipment: If you'd like to do some astrophotography at the CAO, bring your own camera with all the appropriate adapters, extensions, convertors, brackets, etc. to attach to telescopes. We have an SBIG and MallinCam on site for member use and a couple of camera tripods.
  • Light Shields: If you're bringing your laptop computer or smart phone and you plan to use it at night, please bring your red film, red screen, laptop "tent," light shield, etc. so to prevent stray light from disturbing others observing or imaging. We have large cardboard boxes on site in case you forget.
  • Red Lighting: If you're going to use a flashlight or headlight at night, ensure it operates in red-light-mode or that it is covered with red film or a red screen. Familiarise yourself with its operation to avoid using white light inadvertently.
  • Medicine: Please do not forget any medications. If you have severe allergies, bring your own supplies. Remember your EpiPen auto-injector.