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OccultWatcher Software Demonstration by Denis Grey

If you would like to contribute to Citizen Science with your astronomy activities, Denis Grey would like you to consider Occultations. Denis explains what they are and why they're important to science.

The Sky This Month August 4 - September 7, 2021

Would you like to find some key celestial objects to put on your observers list for the month of August 2021? Well, seasoned astronomer Andy Beaton will help you out.

Weighing the Earth 2½ Centuries Ago - Part One

Ron Macnaughton has a passion for understanding how scientists in the past were able to accomplish accurate measurements with crude and limited instruments.

Selenophile or Lunatic

The definition of a Selenophile is a person who loves the Moon. The definition of a Lunatic is someone affected with a severely disordered state of mind. Randy Enkin is definitely a selenophile and not a lunatic.

the Sky This Month presentation by Arnold Brody delivered on July 7, 2021

The attached PDF contains the slides for the Sky This Month presentation by Arnold Brody delivered during the July 7, 2021 Recreational Astronomy Night Meeting.

The Sky This Month July 7 - August 3, 2021

Arnold Brody gives us a comprehensive look at the upcoming astronomy highlights for the period from July 7 - August 3, 2021.

Variable Stars with John Percy

John Percy just celebrated his 60th year as a member of the RASC, Toronto Centre! Congratulations, John! In addition, he is Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Deep Space Astrophotography with Trevor Jones from

Trevor Jones, from and astrobackyard YouTube channel, takes us through the different methods he uses to capture deep sky objects (DSOs).

Moon at Noon

We're back with our next online observing program! This time we'll be bringing you the Explore the Moon Observing Program. Anyone can join as we dive into craters and climb mountain ranges on our nearest neighbour.

The Sun setting during the partial phase of an annular eclipse. (Don Hladiuk)

How can you see this summer’s solar eclipse in Canada? What is an annular eclipse, anyway? SkyNews has the details here.