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Halloween Virtual Star Party

Are you ready to be bewitched? Join us for spellbinding stargazing at our Halloween Virtual Star Party! For the first time since 1944, a full Moon will light the Halloween sky.

Water, water everywhere? with Paul Delaney

Our understanding of our own solar system has changed significantly since the advent of spacecraft exploration. Water was once believed very scarce in our corner of the galaxy but we now realize this is not the case.

council of the Sun

Information for the 2020 Annual Meeting

This members-only page contains information regarding the upcoming Annual Meeting of the RASC Toronto Centre.

The Sky This Month Oct 14 to Nov 10, 2020
The attached PDF contain the notes for The Sky This Month presentation by Arnold Brody, delivered at the RASC Toronto Centre Recreational Astronomy Night Meeting on October 14, 2020. Watch the recorded video:
Planetary Imaging

Ever wondered how to convert your fuzzy planetary videos into nice clear planetary images? Claudio Oriani shows us how to do it and what programs we would need to use.

Physically Distanced Astrophotography of Michael Watson
Even in the world of a pandemic, Michael Watson continues to enjoy his pursuit of astrophotography. He showed his recent physically distanced work at the October 14, 2020 Recreational Astronomy Night meeting.
Self-Isolation Star Parties

Do you miss those wonderful Star Parties hosted by RASC, where you get to look at the night sky and learn about what's up there? We do too! That's why we're hosting online star parties!

Live Views of the Mars Opposition 2020 - Rick Foster

Discover how a live view of Mars through a telescope looks during Mars Opposition 2020! RASC member Rick Foster talks about observing and processing his images from October 9.

Deciphering Mars

What is Mars really like? Join Dr. Bhairavi Shankar in uncovering the surface of the red planet from mountains and volcanoes to valleys and ancient oceans.

News from Mars with Karthik Othayoth

Mars is an exciting neighbour because of its planetary geology, habitability and the possibility of life!