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The Sky This Month March 27 - April 24 2019
The content for The Sky This Month presented by Arnold Brody at the Recreational Astronomy Night on March 27, 2019, including event dates and times, sky charts, and observing targets.
The Sky This Month March 27 - April 24 2019

Toronto Centre member Arnold Brody presented the upcoming month sky highlights from March 27 to April 24, 2019. He spoke at the Recreational Astronomy Night Meeting which was held at the Ontario Science Centre on March 27, 2019.

Katrina Ince Lum with Award

Each year the Toronto Centre recognizes the contributions of our members to the operation of the Centre, to the promotion of astronomy in the community, to observing programs and to the development of astronomical equipment.

Scattering Throughout the Solar System

On March 13, 2019 Brittney Cooper, an Earth and Space Science MSc candidate at York University, gave a presentation on scattering of light throughout the Solar System.

The Moon: A Voyage Through Time
March 9, 2019 - August 18, 2019
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human steps on the moon by discovering the wonder, knowledge, and beauty the moon has inspired through the ages.
2019-02-27 The Sky This Month

Despite the Recreational Astronomy Night meeting of February 27, 2019 being cancelled due to bad weather, Bryon Czarnik prepared a Sky This Month presentation for the month of March. Here is a PDF of that presentation.

Flight into Totality - 1979 Total Solar Eclipse Expedition

On February 26, 1979, the Toronto Centre mounted one of its biggest expeditions to see the total eclipse of the sun at Gimli, Manitoba.

The Sky This Month, January 30 - February 27, 2019
On January 30, 2019 at the Recreational Astronomy Night (RAN) meeting of the Toronto Centre, Andy Beaton gave a presentation on the astronomical highlights of the upcoming month.
A New Planetarium for Toronto

Henry Lotin spoke at the Recreational Astronomy Night meeting of the Toronto Centre about his upcoming project for a new planetarium in Toronto and why Toronto needs one.


The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre, invites new members and their family who are also members, to join an orientation get together – First Light 2019.